The process of acquiring new business prospects has never been more demanding and competitive. In business-to-business marketing and relationship marketing through event sponsorship enable the corporate to create unlimited opportunities that broaden corporate competitive advantage by increasing corporate credibility, image and prestige in reaching the targeted niche market. Comparing to mass advertising, sponsorship program always being considered as the most effective qualitative medium in the competitive market of 21st century.

Mobile Excellence Business Award (MBEA) is not just about putting sponsor’s corporate name and logo in front of people; but helping the sponsor in repositioning corporate product a line with successful individual, entrepreneurs and SMEs. This able to generate a high return on investment, for instance helping sponsor to build and increase the corporate and brand image; consolidate public relations; generate media interest; and most importantly, maintain a presence in the marketplace with a refreshing positive image.

Sponsorship Benefits:
  1. MBEA comprises sponsor's new right target group
  2. Reposition or enhancing current brand image and corporate identity.
  3. Cost Effective- lower advertising and promotional cost comparing with other approach medium.
  4. Provide variety sponsorship program that allow sponsor to have a two-way-communication with quality gathered target group in MBEA.

Start a new approach and leave a brand new image to your target market!
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