Entry Eligibility

  • Minimum of a year establishment.
  • Good track record with audited financial statement.
  • Product and services development propriety must be owned by nominees.
  • Maximum of three categories are allowed for each individual, entrepreneurs, SMEs and MNCs.
  • Nominations more than one subsidiaries are acceptable however it will be ineligible if the parent company is nominated.

    Judging Benchmark

    The judging process used to collect information and data for each categories of MBEA are separated into two type, qualitative and quantitative. Methodology may include publication research, interview, survey and other research technique that include both present and past project involvements of nominated company.

    Judging benchmark would be as follow:

  • Growth in capital, revenue, operating profit, turnover, market present and shares.
  • Performance quality in research & development, staff training and customer satisfaction.
  • Business and market strategy of major innovations and project involvement.
  • Contributions to industry and society.